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We hope you and your family are staying safe and well.

We are still trading, however Australia Post has advised that some delays with post may occur with the increase in online shopping.  We strongly recommend using express post for all orders during this time.

About Us



Edible photos or images make it easy to create something extra special! 

It's the easy, do-it-yourself way to celebrate any occasion or promote your business with customised edible images for your baked or bought cakes, cupcakes or cookies!

Delivered right to your home or office - simple and convenient! 


Birthdays, celebrations, corporate events, we can help

Offering a quick turnaround service, we work with you to help you make your cake or cupcake exactly as you imagined.  We draw our experience from our own custom cake decorating, so can offer consulting to ensure that your icing sheet is exactly what you need for your masterpiece.

Icing sheets sizes available

Cake icing sheets, $20ea

Large cake icing sheets, $30ea

Large cake icing sheets, $30ea


7.5" x 10"  (25.4cm x 19.05cm) rectangle sheets cakes from 9" x 11" and upwards.

Also suitable for square cakes up to 7.5" square or printing decals for decorating cakes.

7.5" (19.05 cm) pre-cut circle icing sheets are suitable for cakes from 8" (20 cm) and upwards. 

Large cake icing sheets, $30ea

Large cake icing sheets, $30ea

Large cake icing sheets, $30ea


1/2 sheets (near A3 size) are suitable for larger sheet cakes and have a printable area of 10" x 16" (25.4 cm x 40.64 cm).

They are also suitable for larger square or round cakes - maximum printable size is a 10" (25.4cm) square or circle.

* PLEASE NOTE: Printed large squares or circles are not pre-cut like the smaller round icing sheets

Cupcake icing sheets, $20ea

Large cake icing sheets, $30ea

Cupcake icing sheets, $20ea


Great for cupcakes, cookies or macarons.

2" cupcake sheets (5cm diameter), 12 per sheet.  1.5" cupcake sheets (3.8cm diameter), 30 per sheet (this size are suitable for macarons)

PRO TIP: For best results, mount your icing sheets onto rolled fondant plaques  and dry before placing them on your cupcakes.

Multiple images per sheet

Multiple images per sheet

Cupcake icing sheets, $20ea


Usually one cupcake or cookie sheet will have one image replicated over the entire sheet, however it is possible to have multiple images per sheet.  This does require a new template to be set up and incurs an artwork set up fee, starting from $10

Please ask for us for more details on the set up fees for multiple images per sheet.

Design and artwork

Multiple images per sheet

Design and artwork


Design services are available if you need some help creating the perfect cake, cupcake or cookie topper for your event? 

Design services start from $10 (in addition to icing sheet costs).  Design work that will incur a design charge includes image editing.

NOTE: Charges may also apply to excessive changes to designs provided.

How to Order

Step One

Email your image to info@customicingimages.com.au 

  • Tell us what icing sheet size you need and quantity.
  • What message (if any) you'd like.
  • Tell us your design request, if any. (NOTE: design charges may apply)
  • When you need to receive your order?
  • Provide your name and phone number and postal address.
  • Do you want to use express or regular post?

Step Two

Keep an eye on your email for our response.

We will contact you if clarification is needed and will send through a design proof for your approval.

Step Three

Confirm your approval of the design proof by return email. 

If any changes to the design are required, please advise us and we will resend the design with requested changes.

Step Four

Once design approval is received, we will send you an online invoice (via MYOB) with a link to pay for your order online credit card - sorry no BPAY option available.

Once paid, we will receive a notification and your order will be posted next business day. 

Postage Options

Post via Australia Post


1 business day after posting in Perth metro area (within the express network), tracking number provided

  • 500g (approx. 4-5 sheets) $8.50
  • Under 500g - 1/2 sheet sizes (Express Parcel) $12.50
  • Over 500g - $16.50


Expected delivery times

2-6 business days after posting in Perth metro area

  • Up to 250g - $3.50
  • Over 250g - $5.50
  • 500g - 1/2 sheet sizes (Parcel Post) $11.00
  • Over 500g $13.50

All orders packed in rigid envelopes to ensure safe delivery.  

Delivery to a business address (where possible) is recommended to ensure prompt delivery of your order.

Important things to note

  • A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for all icing sheet orders.
  • Order cut off time for next day postage is 6pm WST.  
  • For any orders received after 6pm WST on weekdays and anytime over the weekend, order queries will be answered next business day.  
  • All orders are POSTED ONLY - there no option to collect and no shop front to visit.
  • Orders will be posted the next business day, provided payment has been completed.
  • Larger orders (10+ sheets) may require additional time; please email us to check timing and stock availability first. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to print an icing sheet?   Not very long at all.  We offer a quick turnaround service.  The designing of your icing sheet is the longest part of the ordering process, so if you need your icing sheet in a hurry, it's best to keep an eye on your email for any communication from us to keep things moving along. We appreciate being provided with as much time as possible.

When will I get my icing sheet?   Orders are posted out next business day, once payment has been made.  Delivery times of your order will depend on the method of post you choose.  You can view the options for postage and their expected delivery times here.  We always recommend express post for peace of mind.

Can I collect my order?  We only operate a postal service, so there is no shop and no collection option.

What format do I have to send my image to you in?   We can use any of the following:  JPEG, PNG, PDF, EPS, even sending through your images on a Word document is ok.  Just email us your photo or image and we will contact you if, for some reason, we are having trouble with using it.    Just remember, that the better the quality picture or photo sent, the better your print on the icing sheet.

Are icing sheets easy to use?   Yes.  Icing sheets are very easy to use.  We provide full instructions with your icing sheet and will happily assist if you find you are having trouble with it.  We also have a short video that we can send you on how to remove your icing sheet from the backing sheet.

How long do icing sheets last?   Icing sheets can last up to 12 months in the packaging they are provided in.  Just keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct heat or sunlight.  

Do I need to keep my icing sheet in the fridge?   No!  We do not recommend keeping your icing sheet in the fridge.  Just keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct heat or sunlight and it will be fine.  

When can I put my icing sheet on my cake?   Icing sheets are made from pressed fondant (sugar), so when they are placed onto an icing that has moisture, they will absorb the moisture from the icing, becoming very shiny and delicate.  We recommend placing your icing sheet on your cake 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to serving your creation, if possible.  

What kind of icing can I use underneath my icing sheet?   Most types of icing are suitable, including butter cream or non-dairy topping (such as Dream Whip), ganache, fondant, marzipan, even ice cream.  It is recommended that you do not put the icing sheets directly on a high moisture base, such as whipped cream.  You may fill cakes with whipped cream, but use a thin layer of butter cream under the actual icing sheet.  

Can I store my finished cake in the fridge with the icing sheet on it?   You can, but please be aware that a fridge creates a moist environment, and icing sheets are made from sugar.  The icing sheet will become very shiny and delicate if you choose to keep your finished cake in the fridge with the icing sheet on it.  You can avoid this by keeping the cake in the fridge and only place the icing sheet on the cake just before serving.

How can I stop my icing sheet from absorbing the moisture from the icing on my cake?   It is possible to provide some protection for your icing sheet by mounting it onto rolled fondant before you place it on the cake.  The fondant layer doesn't have to be very thick, but will still offer some protection from the moisture in your chosen cake icing.

If I want to cut an image out of my icing sheet, when can I do this?   We recommend that any images are cut using a small, sharp knife or scalpel BEFORE you remove it from the plastic backing sheet.  The risk of tearing the icing sheet is increased if you remove the icing sheet from the backing sheet first.

I can't get my icing sheet off the backing paper!!  Oh no!  We dry all icing sheets and test remove them before your order is posted.  We recommend leaving them in the sealed bag until just before you need them.  Usually, icing sheets are difficult to remove if they have absorbed moisture from the atmosphere if they've been left out too long before applying them to your cake (usually when the weather is cold, humid, wet they can absorb moisture faster).  

To remove them, prop your icing sheet up in front of a fan heater clipped to a board or folder (approx 15-20cm away) for 1-2 minute intervals, then wait until it feels cool to the touch and try removing at one corner.  If needed, repeat this process.  You will be able to feel if the icing sheet feels dry as it will also feel a little stiffer when it is dry.  But CALL US (0498 489 780 - no SMS) so we can try to help you!

What do I do if the icing sheets are dry and brittle?   If the icing sheets are dry and brittle they have been dried out.  This is normally caused by a faulty zip-lock bag or a failure to close the bag after removing a sheet.  The sheets may be re-humidified if you have some way of placing them in a humid environment, but this can be difficult.  DO NOT spray water directly onto the icing sheet.  Sometimes there is just no way to save the icing sheet, so please contact us and we will try to help you.

Why do bubbles appear on the icing sheet when it has sat overnight?   In most of the cases, the bubbles are caused by moisture coming up from below the icing sheet.  The best preventative measures are to use the recommended icing, placement time and store the image covered in a cool dry place.  

Why is my image cracking?   If the cake is allowed to flex during transportation, wrinkles or cracks may appear depending in whether the image was compressed or stretched.  This can be solved by using a sturdy, rigid cake board during transportation or movement of the cake.

If you have any other questions that we have not answered, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Contact Us

For orders and queries, please email us at: info@customicingimages.com.au

All orders are posted from Perth using Australia Post.



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